Welcome to Life Christian Church. We are the church over Giggle Gang and we are so happy you are taking time out of your day to visit us online. At Life Christian Church we are all about people; all about families; all about you and how God can work in your life.

Our Mission

Life Christian Church exists to reach people for Christ, raise them to become followers of Christ, and release them to live their God-given purpose. We do that by helping them to Know God more personally, Find Freedom from their yesterdays, Discover their Purpose, Make a Difference in the lives of others.

When you visit any of our campuses you will find friendly people with smiling faces having fun and working hard to provide an environment where you can grow closer to God and build community with one another.

Our People

The people of Life are friendly, genuine, and real – they have struggles and successes just like you and they don’t come to church pretending to have life figured out. Lifers love God, know how to have fun, and enjoy living life together.

Our Passion

Whether it be through our high-energy weekend services, small groups, missions trips, youth services, counseling, or growth classes, Life believes in giving you the tools you need to gain a deeper relationship with God.